At OJM Web Design, We don’t charge per hour, We charge per website meaning you get more for the money you pay.
If the service you are interested in has ‘Pricing Starts at:’ before the price, it means the pricing maybe higher than the price quoted.
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Website Design
Pricing Starts at:
Aesthetically Pleasing
Easy to Use
Unlimited Addons (Please Ask for more information)
Priority support

Pricing Starts at:
Easy to Use
First 10 Products added by us for Free
Payment System Set-Up
This is an Addon to Website Design Service or Your Current Website (Must Be Compatible)
Priority support

IT Support
Pricing Starts at:
Domain Setup and Support
Email Account Setup
Website Support
Social Media Support
General IT Support
This is a 30-Day Subscription (Lasts 30 Days from Payment)
Priority support

SEO Support and Setup
Meta Titles
Meta Data
Meta Descriptions
E-Commerce: Product Optimisation
Image Optimisation

Website Content Addition
Font Correction
Font Size Correction
Spelling Mistake Correction
Addition to New or Existing Website

Website Monthly Maintenance
Quick Website Maintenance
Personal Contact for Support
Monthly Subscription
Cancel at Anytime
No Other Charges
Priority support